Live Blog of Tigers-Yankees Game 2

6:45 PM: Cano falls behind quickly 0-2, fouls off a couple before getting out in front of a splitter, topping it to second to end the game with the tying run on first. Have to get the offense going earlier against Verlander in game three on Monday. Until then …

6:39 PM: How hard it is to drive a ball out of the yard with rain pouring down? Do the raindrops knock the ball down?

6:31 PM: OK, 5-3 now, but Cap’n Jetes up with a man on first and one out. Typical DP situation that Jeter has been famous for hitting into the last couple of years.

6:26 PM: Well, here we are after a Swisher homer and a Posada triple (really double and an error, but the official scorer must have been feeling nostalgic to give Posada some love). Yanks still need base runners, Martin battling to stay alive. I really would love to see Valverde implode. Wouldn’t be a blown save though, since it wasn’t a save situation, so Valverde could remain “perfect” in that department.

6:15 PM: Ayala has not been effective in any of his last three outings, dating back to the final game of the regular season. Why throw the lefty a strike with Delmon Young on deck and first base open? IBB not needed, just get him to chase off the plate or walk. Pretty simple.

6:12 PM: Austin Jackson sure seems scared at the plate. No confidence — why else would he look to bunt for a hit in an RBI situation up three runs in the 9th?

6:02 PM: Cano and A-Rod get themselves out, chasing balls out of the zone. So tempting to quickly keep the hit parade going after a big emotional lift like a bomb to end a shutout bid. But Yanks need to keep being patient to hope for a rally. Especially when Valverde comes in to pitch the 9th.

5:59 PM: Boom goes the dynamite! Granderson turns on a 1-1 fastball and parks it in the stands. 4-1 in the 8th, Cano now up.

5:55 PM: Glad to see Cory Wade still pitching well in the postseason. But seriously, how long will his career last? He has topped out this season, will end up a journeyman reliever for the next 4-5 years, then will be out of baseball. No offense, still much better than a lot of people, and I would trade for a cup of coffee.

5:50 PM: How little do you have to be paying attention to the runner at first to allow Miguel Cabrera to steal second?

5:47 PM: Ron Darling says that it looked like you couldn’t get Cano out last night with the way he was swinging the bat. Well, he’s 1-for-2 with a walk today. Still tough to get out apparently, but it still takes more than one player to win a baseball game. Choose any player, and I promise you he could not win a game by his lonesome.

5:40 PM: With the rain pouring down, Jetes looks at a perfect pitch for strike three. Sometimes you tip your cap, sometimes you jaw with the umpire, sometimes you do both.

5:32 PM: As I finish that update, Chavez goes down 1-2-3. Can Cap’n Jetes atone for his error?

5:31 PM: Don’t agree with pulling Gardner for Chavez here. Gardner much better qualified to get on base.

5:27 PM: Scarfed down two plates of the fabulous dish. Back to the action, Scherzer out because of a well-earned walk to Swisher and a seeing-eye grounder up the middle by Posada. If that ball is 15 feet to the right, easy DP.

5:11 PM: One hit does not constitute a rally, usually, and that is the case here. A-Rod and Teixeira retired to end any semblance of a threat. Time for a delay, Mitze has chicken and dumplings on the table, and no man can resist that!

5:05 PM: Cano finally ends the drought with a bleeder in front of Young in left. “A lot of left fielders could catch that ball. Young is not one of them.” That’s gotta hurt to hear …

4:59 PM: Nice job by Boone Logan, not letting the balk get to him, fans both Avila and Peralta to end the threat and keep it at 4-0. Now the question is will the Yankees get their first hit anytime soon?

4:55 PM: Well, Jeter has a throwing error and now distracts his own pitcher into a balk. Not a banner inning for Cap’n Jetes.

4:51 PM: Back-to-back singles by Cabrera and Martinez will end Garcia’s day, 4-0 Tigers. Granted, all these runs won’t matter if the Yanks can’t get any hits. None through five.

4:47 PM: Big whiff of Delmon Young. But with Cabrera at the plate, Garcia won’t want to throw any pitch over the dish. Want him to chase to hit into the DP. Not likely …

4:45 PM: And Ordonez now 3-for-3 with another single, runners on the corners and nobody out. Well, at least Ordonez is out of the game for a pinch-runner. Double steal?

4:44 PM: Having to type these posts in Word for the time being. Such is life in the sticks of Vermont, at the mercy of the weather with satellite internet. And it doesn’t take much bad weather to knock our signal out of whack.

4:42 PM: Jeter didn’t have to hurry that much. Had plenty of time to throw to first even with Jackson running down the line. Sets up a big inning for the Tigers with Ordonez and Cabrera coming up, both of whom kill Garcia.

4:25 PM: Freddy at just 62 pitches through five, Scherzer at 63 through four. Looks like Max will make it past the fifth after all. Girardi did a nice job of confirming my hatred of those mid-game interviews. Seriously, what’s the point?

4:17 PM: Yankees are letting Scherzer dictate this game since a shaky first as he has retired 10 in a row. Scherzer is doing a good job of elevating the fastball and keeping his off-speed stuff down. Changing eye levels proving effective.

4:14 PM: Oh how I hate the in-game interviews with the managers and/or coaches. But I will say you are more likely to get some information that has some significance from Jim Leyland than almost any other manager, save Jack McKeon.

4:08 PM: Why is this game already in the bottom of the fourth after one hour of play? I’m so used to getting Yankees-Red Sox games on TV that I forgot a game could move this quickly. #sarcasm

4:02 PM: Well, Garcia found a way to get Cabrera to chase out of the zone to get him out. Has every one of Garcia’s whiffs come on his split today?

3:56 PM While Gardner might think he is faster with the head-first slide, he is really just slowing himself down. Run through the bag every time unless avoiding a tag. Injury risk is less standing up, too.

3:52 PM Garcia fortunate to have Cabrera leading off the fourth and not batting with anyone on base. I have no confidence in Freddy getting Miggy out today, even once.

3:51 PM: The pattern of home-plate umpire Eric Cooper so far is to call strikes based on where the glove is set up. He’ll give a few inches off the outside corner if the catcher doesn’t move the glove. Granted, not much different than most umpires, but he has also missed a couple strikes over the plate because Scherzer missed his spot so badly.

3:44 PM: So much for working Scherzer in the 2nd inning. 1-2-3.

3:37 PM: My 7-year-old son impressed by 21 HR for Peralta. When I told him Teixeira hit 39 and Granderson 41, all he said was, “Holy!” Then he said, “Those are both holies.” Just hope he thinks of smoke when saying that …

3:31 PM: Scherzer all over the place, but after two walks, goes up the ladder on Teixeira and gets him to pop to second. Pitch count at least 23 in the first. Likely won’t pitch more than five innings today, but the Yanks need to take advantage of his wildness.

3:27 PM: OK, starting a little late, Detroit already up 2-0 on a 2-out, 2-run HR by Miguel Cabrera on a 2-0 curveball. Darling or Smoltz (can’t remember which) said a 2-0 count means nothing to Garcia because he will continue to work the corners. Apparently it meant something …


Well That Was Anticlimactic

This suspended game makes for a huge change in the Yankees plans of a three-man rotation. My guess is Nova will pick up the game tomorrow where it left off tonight, C.C. comes back to start game 2 (thank goodness he got all that rest at the end of the season, right?), Burnett or Hughes will now have to pitch game 4 (unless Nova only throws 60 pitches or so), and C.C. back for game 5 if necessary on 3 days of rest.

While Ron Darling seems to think Detroit will start the resumption of the game tomorrow with Fister, I’m betting Verlander comes back tomorrow so he can be ready to go in a game 5 scenario on full rest. Of course, this all assumes the game actually gets played tomorrow as it is. Forecast here in New Hampshire is awful tomorrow for Dartmouth’s first-ever night football game. That is going to cancel the skydivers that were scheduled, and knocks out the aerial photography I was hoping to get. Oh well. Another time.

Don’t Expect Much More Against C.C.

C.C. Sabathia sure has a good fastball popping tonight, but that was used against him when Delmon Young stuck out his bat and dropped a ball just over the fence in right. Sabathia shouldn’t be afraid of coming in with his fastball. Don’t let the Tigers extend their arms on it and he will dominate. Predicting 7.2 innings, 2 runs against C.C. tonight after watching the first.

Making MLB Debut

Figured I’d go ahead and toss my voice out to the world when I felt like it concerning the Yankees and other various sundry items. I’ll keep it to baseball most of the time, but may go pop culture from time to time. More therapeutic for myself, particularly when I’m watching the Yanks on TV. Feel free to respond to my thoughts and start a conversation. Looking forward to having this outlet!