Well That Was Anticlimactic

This suspended game makes for a huge change in the Yankees plans of a three-man rotation. My guess is Nova will pick up the game tomorrow where it left off tonight, C.C. comes back to start game 2 (thank goodness he got all that rest at the end of the season, right?), Burnett or Hughes will now have to pitch game 4 (unless Nova only throws 60 pitches or so), and C.C. back for game 5 if necessary on 3 days of rest.

While Ron Darling seems to think Detroit will start the resumption of the game tomorrow with Fister, I’m betting Verlander comes back tomorrow so he can be ready to go in a game 5 scenario on full rest. Of course, this all assumes the game actually gets played tomorrow as it is. Forecast here in New Hampshire is awful tomorrow for Dartmouth’s first-ever night football game. That is going to cancel the skydivers that were scheduled, and knocks out the aerial photography I was hoping to get. Oh well. Another time.


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